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Who We Are

Founded in 2020 at Dhaka, Bangladesh, Deen Commerce is a lifestyle start-up with a unique business model. We want to create value through beautiful, ethical, quality products with a complete cycle of life. We act precisely and responsibly in every stage of the fashion process from design and sourcing to manufacturing and quality control, logistics and sales.
The customer is at the center of everything we do.

Deen is registered to the Dhaka North City Corporation and the trade license number is 224468.

Management Team

What Drives Us​

Right from the outset, Deen has been reimagining the fashion market. We have never been afraid to take risks, on the contrary, with our spontaneous customer service, clean delivery and easy return, we have set new standards in customer service. For us, the customer is the focus of our mindset and actions. This is where customers can find exactly the clothes they are looking for. It’s difficult to leave our site with an empty shopping cart.

Deen’s Private Labels

As a lifestyle start-up, we have been developing a global standard lifestyle brand by the strong expertise in the fields of fashion, technology and convenience.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

We support fashion that is produced, consumed and sold in a responsible manner. We are convinced that this commitment will pay off for us all in the long run. Deen Commerce is planning to donate 10% of the profit to the Deen Foundation that works for orphans and old homes.
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